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N*CODE recognizes that market research depends on language to ask questions and stimulate responses, and that our subjects (your customers) use their language to react and respond.

Using deep expertise in linguistic analysis, we begin by dissecting all of that language choice to reveal trends, groupings, and directional qualities. This step is designed by humans, powered by AI and machine learning, and then interpreted by humans again.

However, looking at language is only the first part of the process. People are great, but they can be strange. They are rational at one moment, and irrational at the next. They can tell you something (and truly believe it), but minutes later say and believe something totally different.

The growing field of behavioral economics and adjacent fields in behavioral science have proven that humans often think and act in unusual ways, but those ways that can be measured and predicted.

These manifest as heuristics and biases, and there are 55 of these that we have found commonly influencing healthcare professionals, patients, and caregivers.

The second step in N*CODE is to take the linguistic analytics findings, and apply a filter of these 55 mental and behavioral states.

This provides a critically meaningful summary of what groups are thinking, saying and doing, even when they may not realize it themselves (and which a survey or interview might fail to expose).

Discovering which of these 55 are at play informs potential marketing responses that would perform best in the presence of these mental states.

A survey question gives you a response — N*CODE gives you a glimpse at reality.

Sentiment Score


Monitoring prevailing biases and overt attitudes, tracking month-to-month movements, will help you to see how your tactics are having an impact on your brands (and in which ways).

Based on an initial review of your marketing plan, our behavioral science team will identify the six most critical unconscious biases and mental heuristics that are influential among your target customers.

A baseline is established for each of these categories, and these factors are observed for a one-year period (such as pre-launch and post-launch, or around a new campaign). These are visualized in a real time dashboard for your team.

HealthPoint begins by recruiting a sample of your customers into The HCP Forum, an invite-only, ongoing gated online community led by moderators and peers.

The Sentiment Score can visually depict how attitudinal and bias movements tick up or down, each month. You can isolate regions in the country to trial A/B tests, or map sales results to bias changes.

Our moderator will stimulate discussion, and you will be a able to see a dashboard of changes and example verbatim commentaries, in real time.

Are you concerned that some providers might be habitually committed to other medications or devices? Are you interested to monitor the factors impacting influence between primary care doctor, specialist, and nurse educator? What about openness to novel options and early-adopter biases? Do you want an agile launch tracker that tells a powerful, real-time story?

With the option of including a sample of target patient voices via social listening or their own gated community, you can expand the Sentiment Score power to include both the prescriber and patient view points.

The Sentiment Score Tracker will observe the real drivers and barriers for your brand success, and each month, our behavioral science team will recommend strategic and tactical responses.

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